Rajanaka Sammelana

The Rajanaka Sammelana blogspot offers teachings, storytelling, and commentary on yoga traditions, including Rajanaka interpretations and understandings.  Here you find essays, reflections, and arguments that bring Rajanaka teachings to light.  The word “sammelana” means a co-mingling, a sum greater than the parts, a reality that creates more.  That “more” is always the Rajanaka way: whenever we are really learning, there is always more.  Here you’ll find stories about Douglas’ teacher Appa, important yoga practices like pilgrimage, darshan, and ritual; studies in mythology and philosophy, essays on ethics and the practical spiritual life.  At present there are some 135 published offerings and counting.

Rajanaka Ādeśa

The Rajanaka Ādeśa blogspot is a reservoir of sources and translations, brief commentaries and studies that combine scholarship and issues of personal development.  Here too are personal notes and reflections.  Most of these comments are short, some just notes and contemplations but each one takes us to another level of connection to history, sources, and practices in the history of yoga.  Rajanaka Ādeśa is currently offering 137 entries and continues to evolve in content and form.


Rajanaka is deeply interested in community, social justice, politics, and matters of secular concern.  Contrariety describes in part the critical method that we bring to all of our learning.  We mean to ask honest and incisive questions, take facts seriously, and bring the skills of critical thinking to most trenchant social concerns.  We think “yoga” means engaging the whole of life, from the deeply personal to civics, social justice, environmentalism, human and animal rights.  On the Contrariety blogspot we dive directly into the deep end of these issues with a keen eye on the values of fairness, equality, political action for social betterment.  We are shamelessly progressive and dedicated to egalitarianism, religious secularism, and a global view of human concern. You’ll find more than 150 entries on Contrariety.