Whether you are new to yoga or have been studying and practicing for years, our courses will help you develop an ever-deepening understanding of yoga philosophy and the spiritual practices of yoga. Srividyalaya is designed to illumine, inspire, and nourish your experience as a yogin by bringing you directly and deeply into the conversations of tradition, history, practice, and understanding.

For over a decade Dr. Douglas Brooks has been committed to teaching with authenticity and honesty Rajanaka philosophy and the greater history of Indian philosophy, yoga, and particularly the complex traditions of Tantra. Srividyalaya represents a new kind of learning experience, dedicated to extending the process of learning by offering a systematic and ongoing curriculum of courses.

Each course consists of lectures delivered by Dr. Douglas Brooks, a study guide to accompany each lecture, and access to our Srividyalaya Facebook group where you will be able to ask questions, share insights, and converse with other course participants.

With Srividyalaya we hope to create an opportunity for a lifetime of learning in a living conversation.

Our archived courses are available anytime you are ready to dive into the ocean of yoga. Upon registration, the course materials will be sent to you via email with a direct link to the download files.