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Saturday Conversations—more than 80 sessions—are always free. Join us live or use the archive!
When you access the Archives via Dropbox you must download from Dropbox to receive the whole session—otherwise Dropbox limits you to a one hour preview.


June 9th Wednesday Course: Natarajar #4 June 12th Saturday Conversation
June 13th Gita Sessions
June 16th Wednesday Course: Natarajar #5 June 19th Saturday Conversation

June 20th Gita Sessions
June 23rd Wednesday Course: Natarajar #6

July 8th-12th Rajanaka July Summer Camp, begins 2pm July 8th, then 10am-12:3opm and 3:00-4:30pm every day, except Monday July 12th 10-12:30 Eastern Time.

July 31 Saturday Conversation August 1st Gita Sessions

August 12th-16th Rajanaka August Summer Camp, begins 2pm August 12th, then 10am- 12:3opm and 3:00-4:30pm every day, except Monday 16th 10-12:30 Eastern Time.

August 21st Saturday Conversation
August 22nd Gita Sessions, last of the Summer Session, more in September

The ZOOM link to all Saturday Conversations LIVE at 5pm Eastern time:
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The Zoom link for all LIVE Gita Sessions: