NEW RAJANAKA PRACTICUM will begin on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5th.  Our focus will be on the mantra and related practices of The Great Goddess Tillai Kali Pratyangira.

IF don’t know who Tillai Kali is and what She is about, this is an opportunity to learn about one of the most devastatingly beautiful, terrifying, wondrous, and dangerously helpful expressions of the Great Goddess.   This is Kali in the most magnificent of the forms, closely connected to Natarajar and Sivakami. We will have SIX Sessions.  Full Tuition in advance is $125 or $23 per individual Session in honor of prime numbers.   You can use PayPal ( or; Venmo is douglas-brooks-8.   Umm, don’t miss this one ‘cause it’s the real deal.

OUR NEW YEAR LONG STUDY BEGINS ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6TH.   THE MAHABHARATA BOOKS 2 & 3, THE ASSEMBLY HALL & THE FOREST.   Oh my, this is the good stuff.  I will be offering an audio book so you can listen as well as read if you like.  We’ll be using the Critical Edition of the Mahabharata, which means that we’re going in deep and with the original text in translations (not a summary or rendition).  If you want a hardcopy you will need to get The Mahabharata Volume 2 (Book of the Assembly, Book of the Forest) translated by J.A.B. van Buitenen, UChicago Press because no other will do.  You’re on your own acquiring the Van Buitenen version of the text, please.  Tuition for Mahabharata Sessions will be BY SEMESTER or 16 weeks.  We are beginning with Spring Semester 2022 on February 6th.    That’s most Sundays from February 6th to June 12th.

Spring Semester Dates: Feb 6, 13, 20, 27; March 6, 20, 27; April 3, 10, 24; May 1, 15, 22, 29; June 5 and 12.

Tuition is $300 or $20 per Session or pay what you can, but please do remember you are on your honor.  Use PayPal ( or or Venmo (douglas-brooks-8).


We are planning to have Rajanaka Summer Camp LIVE at The Gell Center in South Bristol, New York beginning at 2pm Thursday July 7th and concluding on Monday July 11th at lunch.

We will soon find out if we can Zoom live (depending on the connection at the Gell Center) but we will have either live or recorded Zoom Sessions in addition to Live Camp.  All depends on Covid Protocols.

PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY  Here are the current plans for LIVE CAMP:
1.  REGISTRATION. In person Camp will be limited to 40 people so that we can have some distancing in the Gell Center.  I cannot promise 6 feet of social distancing but we will try not to pack the room (as we have in the past).  Registration is open now.   To register send a $200 deposit via PayPal or Venmo (use for PayPal and douglas-brooks-8 for Venmo).  Your deposit holds your place.  Your deposit is refundable before June 1st for any reason but is non-refundable after that date.  If we must cancel Camp for Covid Protocol reasons, you will be refunded.  (Be sure to use the “friends and family” option for PayPal to avoid fees.  I will only refund the amount we receive if PayPal takes fees, okay?)  If you want to pay by check or otherwise, please contact me via email as soon as possible.  The total tuition cost of Camp will not exceed $620.  Full tuition is due no later than June 1st.   Tuition includes lectures, lunch and tea, and Curry Night dinner at our home.

2.  COVID PROTOCOLS: ALL campers without exception must be vaccinated and boosted.  Be prepared to demonstrate your status as Covid-free.  MASKS? Well, it depends, right?  But I am thinking we must be prepared to be masked all day.  I will sit at least 6 feet from you in lecture unmasked.

3. FOOD: Camp includes a daily vegetarian lunch and open tea.  Lunch will be simple and there should be enough for vegans too but the food is not specifically vegan.  You are on your own for breakfast and dinner.  Curry Night is Saturday at our home.  Ain’t nuthin’ but a party, campers.

5. TRAVEL:  All transportation is your responsibility.  If you are flying, the best airport is Rochester.  Syracuse is second best if you must but it’s at least an hour further!

5. ACCOMMODATIONS:  All accommodations are your responsibility.  The Gell Center is near Naples and Canandaigua, New York in the beautiful heart of the Finger Lakes.  You can camp using your own equipment at the Gell Center for a small fee (as Gell decides).  The Gell has reasonable bathrooms, a kitchen, and showers.  There are very limited accommodations on site.  Nowadays Air BnB seems best for nearby stays, please make your own arrangements.  The local motels are best in Canandaigua (look near Wegmans which is wonderful for food).  There are fancier Bed & Breakfast, and we will have a list if you ask.  Sometimes campers arrange to help each other with rides and share rooms but please work this out among yourselves.  We’re happy to help.
6.  FACEBOOK GROUP: There is a new Facebook Group called Rajanaka Camp 2022, so you can join the fun there to help figure this out.  We have been having Summer Camp for many years and there are lots of experienced folks who have all sorts of good advice.


Gita Sessions are concluded.  The Archive of almost two years of work has come to about 100 Sessions.  That’s a lot of learning and it is available at any time on Dropbox (the link is below).  If you paid tuition then the Archive is yours for the having.  If you would like to listen to the Gita Sessions (with video and chatbox included) the complete Archive is now $308.  (That’s $308 for about 300 hours of learning.)

The Maha Ganapati Practicum is complete.  The Archive is also available for Dropbox download.  Tuition is $200 for all Sessions and supporting materials.  Links below, please use PayPal or Venmo for tuition, as usual.

There is also so much in The Rajanaka Archive.  Look below here for some of the offerings and ask if you have any questions or interests.  Don’t forget the Courses at—there is so much available.  Honestly, it’s a lifetime of learning that will take you several lifetimes.  Remember that all of the past Saturday Conversations are free and there are nearly 100 Sessions.  Also, tuition helps support our causes in India.

I’m trying to make this easy, fair, affordable, totally transparent.  Let me know if I can make anything better or clearer.  It’s just us elves over here at Rajanakadell in Bristol and Sadie looks forward to playing with you when you visit.