Rajanaka Travel Schedule 2019


February 1st - 3rd

Winter Yogafest 2019 - Dig Yoga, Lambertville, New Jersey

Dig Yoga

February 8th - 10th

Saundaryalahari: The Goddess as the Wave of Beauty - Abhaya Yoga, Brooklyn, NY

Abhaya Yoga

March 23 - 24th

Heroines and Heroes: Stories of Courage, Conflict, and Resolution - Arizona Sundance Studio, Scottsdale, AZ

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March 29th - 31st

Women of the Mahabharata: Catalysts of Change - Shakti Yoga, Des Moines, IA

Shakti Yoga

April 12th - 14th

The Hanuman of Five Faces - The Shop Yoga Studio, Park City, UT

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April 25th - 28th

Tantra Yoga Immersion - Kripalu, Lenox, MA

Kripalu Center


June 14th - 16th

Kali & Shri - A Weekend with Three Sisters Lifestyle, Neighborhood Yoga, Boone, NC

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July 4th - 8th

Rajanaka Summer Camp - Bristol, NY

Ganesha of the Tantra

Ganesha becomes first among the gods, a standing he did not enjoy until the rise of classical Hinduism. He is, of course, ubiquitous, immensely popular in every corner of India, and unmistakably himself. The core elements of his mythology and many of his popular stories are likely well known to you. But there are aspects and forms, myths, mantras, yantra, and puja within the Tantric tradition that extend far beyond any familiar representations. To experience the expansive, fractal and fragmented Ganapati is to encounter an entirely new and radical facet of Self, culture, and the collective unconscious. Ganesha of the Tantra extends our mythic culture and the cycles of the Shiva Shakti Complex and wholly revises our understanding and appreciation. In short, Ganapati like you have never met him before.

Contact Douglas Brooks

August 15th - 18th

Rajanaka West - Howard, CO

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December 2019 - January 2020

Rajanaka India - Temple Pilgrimage - Tamil Nadu, India

December 29th, 2019 - January 14th, 2020

Our focus this year, including Chidambaram of course, is on Ganesha. New temples, abhishekas, homa, places you have never been, stories you have not likely ever heard.

We'll also see Muruga in his most sacred places: Swamimalai, Palini, and my favorite of all favorites, Tiruchendur.

We will also visit the Temple of the Nine Planets.

We will see the Great Goddess in her most exquisite forms, including the inner sanctum of Minakshi of Madurai and of course Tillai Kali, Sivakamasundari and others.

We are planning on taking the 29 baths at Rameshvaram and seeing a few new, secret places along the way. 

Contact Kim or Douglas for more details!