Rajanaka has a vibrant social media presence and resources for the community.  We meet on Facebook and gather in the Group called Chitra Katha for teachings, storytelling, and practices.  We are also meet in the Group called Rajanaka Storm where we talk about politics, matters of social justice, and our current global situation.  There are other Groups as well.  If you’re interested in participating please go to Facebook and send a request to the Groups by name.  A moderator will contact you if you’re new to us and take it from there.

Credit: Susanna Harwood Rubin

Our community is diverse, inclusive, and filled with deeply gifted and talented people.  Some in the community have been studying India’s traditions, comparative spirituality, and critical theory for many years together.  Others have just entered the conversation and if we can say one thing about Rajanaka it is that we look to have a good conversation, one worth your time, one that leaves us better informed and more empathetic to the diversity of human experiences.  Rajanaka community members have contributed art, poetry, essays, and offer links and connections to their own work.

While Rajanaka is copyrighted to Dr. Douglas Brooks and is carefully audited, those in the larger community bring their own work and contribution into our conversation.  It is a Rajanaka principle that every person is a gift and that their contributions are valued and respected.  We are a conversation, not a cult. Here are a few things to know about us:

  • We’re like-minded folks inasmuch as we share deep interests in history and philosophy, language and culture, and the mythology and study of India, comparative religions and spiritualities.
  • We’re wholly secular by method and teach no religious goals, make no religious claims.
  • We espouse nothing supernatural and do not pretend to offer mystical experiences.
  • We’ve no demands of loyalty or personal commitment nor do we assert any particular allegiances. There are no tests, no pledges, no dogmas, no catechisms.  Our learning is driven by clear methods meant to guide us into constructive conversation.
  • We are deeply committed to protecting privacy and confidentiality sincerely and simply.  We don’t pry or poke but try to help one another when asked.  We self-govern ethically, abide by long-established community standards and norms, and of course mean just to be good people, citizens of the world, law abiding and democratic in ethos.
  • There is no guru but the community’s own sense of decency.  Each person offers their gift in the ways they choose.
  • We’re seekers learning together; seekers seeking in our every effort to be inclusive, fair-minded, and equitable in relationships.  We aren’t going to tell you what you should seek or what you should do.  We’re committed to making environments safe and welcoming to all persons.
  • Rajanaka teaches tolerance and principled ethical justice, we encourage resilience and counsel patience in the practice of good conversation and critical thinking.  Be kind, keep it real, honor differences including opinions.
  • We welcome everyone into the conversation and mean to live our values and support each other in our humane and accountable undertakings.

Community Member Links

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