An Open Letter to Conservative Arthur C. Brooks who Wishes the Resistance Would “Just Let It Go.”

I’m taking this personally. I share a surname with both self-alleged “moderate” David Brooks of The NY Times and Arthur C. Brooks, who turns up on its pages on the weekends and spends most of his time pretending to be an intellectual. This having to disclaim relationship caused by the sheer accidents of surname histories really pisses me off. And then we get to what they have to say say. Let’s turn today to Arthur because what he’s proposing is something we also hear among progressives or some liberals or maybe just idiots. “Just let it go.” This is Arthur’s advice and this is the sort of mindless bosh that inhabits far too many “yogis” ideas of yoga. So, let me reply short and long and longer:
“No way” is the short answer.
The long answer is “No f’in’ way.”
The longer still answer follows.

So Arthur C. Brooks, AGAIN no relation, just wrote a blithely moronic piece in the NY Times (Saturday, March 18th) that invites us all to “just let go” if you are finding politics depressing. Be assured that the ideologues at the American Enterprise Institute, which also brings you the likes of Charles Murray is filled with not so thinly veiled “social science” aka racism, and they will not be just letting go anytime soon. They will stay their course, despite whatever evidence appears to demonstrate the failure of their ideas or the shameless meanness of their policies.

These are the good folks who love that Paul Ryan wealthcare bill, socialize corporate cronyism, and lay waste to the planet for oil, think corporations are people, and tell you that however you are hurting is your own fault or God’s will. No, Arthur, I won’t be checking out. I’m going to follow every word that Trump and Ryan and you and the rest of your ruling 1% have to say. I’m going to be more vigilant to try to stop you, taunt you, and thwart you at every turn.

I’m was a lot less depressed, I confess, when Mr Obama was President. You see, Arthur, I was rarely unhappy with him as a person. He was smart, curious, well-informed, poised, and never vulgar. Exactly the opposite of Trump. I didn’t agree with everything he did but I knew I was in the company of sanity and pragmatism. Perhaps too much pragmatism but that isn’t the kind of fault that depresses you. The principal weakness of his presidency was that Republicans undermined his every idea, lied about his policies, and refused to govern at all —even when he reached out repeatedly. Republicans never fail to bring out the downer.

It’s plain to see why the Republicans acted this way. It’s because they have never learned a thing, they are an intellectually incurious and ideological brand that has only one purpose: to drive wealth further into the hands of the wealthy. Their idea of an intellectual is you, Arthur “just let go” Brooks, that racist Murray, and in elected office your Eddie Munster doppelgänger Paul Ryan. Ryan is a fraud but that’s what passes off as the oxymoron “Republican intellectual.”

What we have further learned this week is that this brand of wealthcare Republicanism means that hungry people don’t need food, older and poorer people don’t need health care, and that the rest of us need to worship at the altar of personal greed on our knees to the Lords of Kleptocracy.

So Arthur, with the same sort of faux-Zen that is endemic to Idiot’s Yoga, tell us to “just let it go.” Not. A. Chance. Does Trump’s needy self-populism and Ryan’s Ayn Rand heartlessness depress me? Of course it does. It would be more than denial, it would be utterly foolish _not_ be depressed by their odious demagoguery. This government, if you can call this incompetent, chaotic mess a government, is more like Biblical plague of locusts. Rather than attribute that to a mysterious almighty, I’m inclined to hold you and your cohort of ideologues responsible, along with that 44% whose with unzipped vulgarity votes without a clue against their own interests. If it weren’t a matter for the rest of us, I’d wish on them what I wish on you: you should get what you ask for. Then again, there’s a world and we’d like there to still be one after you’ve given your best shot at killing it off.

So, no, I’m not letting it go and neither are my friends. We mean to get the lazier ones out to vote. We mean to try to persuade the purists that a compromise candidate might even have to do in order to stop you. I hope, I really hope this works because I’d like to make you have to just let it go. That is, after you are sent back to the bunker where you can go conspire with Trump about making things great again.

Yeah, if you think this is kinda’ cruel, I say the thought of thwarting you and bringing this madness to an end makes me kinda’ happy. If that upsets you, well, just let it go.

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