Confessions of a Dreamer Pragmatist, Or is that the Pragmatist Dreamer?

I am at heart both pragmatism and dreamer. If that’s a paradox, add it to the list.

My jam is prudence and risk, it’s hit your target and aim high and then higher. It’s try not to fall for the fleece and the folly and never let anything stop you from what you really want to do. It’s humility with a tincture of recklessness. It’s modesty but shameless audacity.

I love the worldly world, yes, I love a lot of things made in the material world: things made with human hands and experience, things made with careful attention to every detail, things that will age, can be fixed or are just beautiful and serve not practical purpose at all, and above all tell a good story. I also love the contemplative, the poetic, just thinking and thinking and taking the the long way home. I love the glitter and the dirt. I love the facts and the myths with every bone in my body.

I ran off to India and would have happily wandered the temples with never, ever have another given a thought to coming home. I came home and have had the same job for more than 30 years, picked up my kids from school pretty much every single day. I don’t mind a good conflict of interests.

I think the way to get that spot you long for over the rainbow is little by little, again and again. YMMV. I’m not suggesting you do it my way. We each need to figure out how to get to our own personal Valhalla.

Not always as important to be right as it is to know what rings true in your heart, what works for you, what will get you through today and tomorrow and maybe ahead. It’s good to give in and lose sometimes. Have an idea but know that the best laid plans fail, yeah, fail. Without a plan you’re thinking that the seat of your pants will be enough, when maybe it won’t. Then what? You have to adjust and adapt in every circumstance, pick the best of bad choices, never, ever relent to go for it—whatever it is for you. You have to imagine, conjure, and envision what asks more from you than you’ve ever thought possible. You have to live within your means and over your pay grade. I will accept what can be done and still not give up on what could be.

So let’s go to the phalanx of candidates for the presidency. So here’s my personal take as I work on my inner paradoxes.

*Sanders, Yang, Steyer, and Warren offer too much reverie for me. What they propose will not happen even when I like the dream. Too much the dreamers for me because the asphalt or the barefoot path through the jungle has taught me what hard falls and broken bones (dreams) feel like.

*So what of the pragmatists? Biden is too old. Pragmatically, and this is a hard one: Buttigieg is too young and can’t answer the one set of questions he must, about race. I have a very soft spot for a person of such depth, intelligence, and sensibilities. My admiration is dreamy but my pragmatism tells me he’s not quite the thing. I want to be with the enthusiasm that POC will bring and, truthfully, pragmatically I trust their intuitions. When in doubt listen to the folks who know that trust is hard won. Bloomberg is a safety value in case it’s the dreamer crowd and he doesn’t care if he’s president and he let a lot mean stuff happen that shouldn’t have happened.. I feel confident he will put his money into goodness because like all sane people he hates Trump and can really do something about it.

I have not been thrilled with Senator Klobuchar until the end of the NH Debate. She has been too wonky, too legislative and procedural. Presidents need to say big things and mean it. They need to know how symbols and stories work, not just how bills pass the Senate. I needed to see someone MORE dreamy, less pragmatic. She’s got pragmatic in spades but she needs some hearts too. Well, she just scored big in hearts. See the video in the first comment below. The thing about FDR really ripped me ’cause she meant it.

I love people who really mean it even when I think they are too dreamy or too pragmatic. Bernie _really means it_. I just don’t fancy that much grievance and that much dream when it won’t get done, and the same for Warren—though I hope both deeply influence the nominee. If I lived in NH I would vote for Senator Klobuchar. She’s shown me heart I didn’t know she really had. So there’s that. You choose best when you know how you feel and think.

**Watch Senator Klobuchar seal the deal here for hearts, not just pragmatic in spades:

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