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Poised between two great armies arrayed for battle, Arjuna, the great, shining archer of the Mahabharata, questions his duty and collapses in his chariot with his eyes filled with tears. And there in the mid-line, in the moment before the battle, taking pause on the Field of Dharma he receives the teachings of Krsna in the form of The Song of the Blessed One, The Bhagavadgita. In this course we will begin our study of The Gita with Chapters One through Six. We will follow close readings of the traditional commentaries of Sankara, Ramanuja and Abhinavagupta as well as draw from the oral traditions of the late South Indian Sakta Tantra tradition of Rajanaka.

This course includes twelve hours of lecture, study guides, and access to the Srividyalaya discussion group on Facebook


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