I Rajanaka Tantra, Like Memories Writ in Fire

I  Rajanaka Tantra, 

Like memories writ in fire.

&We began in a storm, a part of the struggle for life and in the presence of death, of death before life.  The contest of organization and entropy presides: the inexorable movements of attraction and aversion, of permission and prohibition, cooperation and violation.

&That One knows and does not, as the waters gather and the elements converge, creation is emergent and recurrent. 

&That Person dissembles into order, one-fourth revealed, three-fourths beneath his own horizon.

&The Archer knocks his arrow to protect and retaliate, to register his authority, conferring permission and establishing prohibition, creating boundaries through limitless system possibilities.

&Rudra summons the contest conveyed in his name because he Howls and Weeps and Bleeds.  There are victories and losses, good sky and bad, volition directed and unintended outcomes.  Human consciousness is another of Rudra’s consequences, a fragment of his emergent awareness that self-affirmed is named again, the Auspicious, Shiva. 



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