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Everywhere one looks, across the entirety of India’s storytelling traditions and vast iconographies, there are images of serpents, sometimes appearing as snakes and other times as serpentine creatures, half-snake, half-something-else. And everywhere we find them, we meet another story about what lies within us, often hidden, always rich and valuable. Humans may have some innate fear or trepidation about snakes but nagas in Indian lore are essential keys to our personal development: the heart of yoga tradition is the notion of waking up Kundalini, the inner serpent. What are these naga-experiences, who is Kundalini and why is she a naga? What are we to make of these living denizens of our shadows, dreams, and hidden desires? What might it mean to see as the serpent sees? There are so many illuminating stories and images to help us experience our inner nagas in shadow and light.

This course consists of 10 hours of lecture materials curated from live seminars and organized into several digestible, easily navigable sections. Two meditations and mantra instruction is included.


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