Rule 19

This morning Gail Collins of the NY Times writes a fine piece about wearing out the Republican madness by persistence and exhaustion. Can we exasperate them enough to bring attention to the country? Will Americans gather the message that their country has been taken over by an extremist ideology that is changing its institutions? Ms Collins claims that Majority Leader McConnell had no plan when he invoke Rule 19 to silence Senator Warren from reading the now-famous letter from Coretta Scott King about our now KKK-happy AG Sessions. In 1986 the Senate deemed Sessions too racist to be a Federal judge while in 2017 that majority Republican Senate is racist enough.

Whether McConnell was more exhausted and exasperated than he was planning or thinking when he invoked Rule 19 against Senator Warrant matters not one bit. The Republican base laps up this behavior and his actions will not cost him or his colleagues one bit. What Mitch knows is how deeply sexism, racism, and ethno-nationalism run in America, that they have won three branches of government running on these sentiments and values, and will likely win more and again in 2018 and 2020. America is actually not better than that. Or at least, not where they count votes that determine elections. Either way, Mitch has a winning hand for the foreseeable future.  Rule 19 is just a symptom of America’s illness, the disease lies more deeply within the patient.…/o…/elizabeth-warren-persists.html…

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