The tradition of the Tantra is rooted in a singular principal.

The singular principle of the Tantra is freedom.

Freedom is your nature.

Appa use to say freedom isn’t the goal of our tradition, freedom is where we begin.

And so the Rajanaka reversed the process.

Most traditions say you are bound and need to become free.

The Rajanaka says you are free, to what will you bind yourself?

Appa use to say, it’s ironic, the goal of our tradition is bondage.

In other words to what are you willing to commit yourself because you are free?

Start in your freedom and ask yourself – to what will you yoke yourself?

That’s yoga.

And yoga doesn’t just mean union, union is just one of the ways you can commit yourself to a relationship.

Yoga means connection. yoga means engagement. yoga means to yoke.

That principle means that unless you ask for it you don’t get it.

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