The Invisible Hand and Your Rights to Healthcare

Understanding Ryan and Tea Party Healthcare

How does any adult in the 21st century believe that the radical conservative Tea Party view of health care is an option?
My focus here is on Republicans today who object even to Ryan’s plan. Their view is simple: no government involvement is ever warranted, allow market forces to determine all. I have been listening carefully to King, Goumert, Paul, etc. No tax incentives, no aid to anyone, nothing. You’re on your own and the Invisible Hand of the free market will do its magic. This is essentially their view of everything and your health is no exception.

Now move to where the Tea Party agrees with Ryan: _There is NO RIGHT to healthcare._ Tea Partiers object even to Ryan’s Ayn Rand view that all money and resources should be aimed at the wealthy and healthy as too much interference. Ryan reserves every bit of program benefits for those who he views as valuable: younger and healthier _may_ get something but really it’s simply wealth that is valued. It is the wealthy who are the real contributers to society. Everyone else can simply die when they do. Tea Partiers agree with the basics of these claims but understand that the really wealthy will benefit most from _no_ government at _all_.

How is this even an idea?
Say, you can’t afford help when you need it. Answer again: You’re on your own. But why? Why is this okay? Here are things to consider because there _are_ reasons why people take this stance, even when they understand what it does to people, including themselves.

*First, they really do think that the Invisible Hand of market forces will provide the best options.
*Second, if you can’t afford those options and God decides all, then you must accept your lot. Providence in the old Calvinist sense of God has a plan, you don’t intervene and God tells you that you are getting what you deserve, so stop asking for anything human.
*Third, freedom means that they hate government so much that they will accept the consequences of these policies because this will stop freeloaders (re: people not them) from receiving any benefits they would be paying for. This is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. but their claim is that no one is entitled or has a right to anything that is not a specified right of the Constitution. It’s a guns free for all but none of the New Deal, Great Society, and especially Obama Progress qualifies. Ask Clarence Thomas, Alito,
*Last, that these radical libertarian views are fueled by the racism, etc. that underlies the idea that “they” are getting a “free ride” that “we” are paying for is usually not concealed. That these libertarians will end up in Emergency Rooms and other care facilities and need public assistance if they are to pay their bills _matters less_ than their values. Hypocrisy will not stop them.

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