The Lifeless Faces of Evil

Trump’s tragic moral anarchy never surprises.  But surrounding this nucleus of artifice and deceit are an increasing cast of characters complicit in every fraud and fakery.  To add further insult to our collective injury it is with commensurate dismay and deep feelings of revulsion that we add the lesser players —Spicer, Conway, Huckabee Sanders—to likes of Ryan and McConnell who hold far more power, and are dedicated to the proposition that they mean to keep it.  The entire coterie reaches into its constituency of the willfully ignorant through the propaganda machine of Fox and the media of the right.  Koch money and its ilk provides requisite inspiration and incentive.

Such commitment to the banality of evil must not leave us speechless however it paralyzes reason to fathom.  It is in  true dedication to power at any cost, proffered in zealous tones of muted prosaicism, that we witness the effective machinery that  sabotages the republic.

The real victim is decency and our precarious American Experiment, which has always been self-subverted by hypocrisy and sanctimonious duplicity —we create public panegyrics to truth and integrity, revel in historical achievements and progress toward equality and due process, only to elect to our highest offices those who  make a willful mockery of these idolized principles.  America our tearful eyes turn to you.

We think ourselves better than this insipid, tedious pabulum.  But then we see Paul and Mitch, and their complicit pendants like McCain and Graham wearing a gilded pretense of objection claiming better, all made of the same tawdry stuff—nothing.  That is a nothing that is nothing more than plastic and pedestrian pledges to their own continued ascendency.  They believe that serving themselves is serving us.  Could evil be more mundane?  When history is written let us hope we remind ourselves how evil must also wear the face of complaisant partnership in unprincipled depravity, no matter who gives the orders.

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