The Two-Step Truth and Treachery

One of the advantages of being raised on the streets of Jersey and gotten beat up in front of a bowling alley for no reason at all. Really, it happened. Really, no reason at all. I can see it coming and I know a con when I hear one.  This one’s a two-step.  First guy comes up to you and makes his pitch, second guy comes in and makes the mix.  It takes awhile to figure out that you’ve been had.
Here’s the current two-step. Step one: Bannon feeds Trump the meme that the deep state conspires against him and is filled with UnAmerican treachery. Just rile up the Fox audience to take the bait and, voila, it’s a done deal: “policy advisers” instead of cabinet appointments and the paranoia becomes fascism. Step two: Trump tells us that the _truth_ no longer exists but for what he says when he says it. It’s not about truth and lies, it’s that truth itself doesn’t exist. Join in the solipsism, if that’s not as absurd as the narcissism itself. The Fox Audience will cheer and wear their red hats, I guarantee it.

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