We resist, they laugh

The more we point out his dangerous fakery, imbecility, and fraud the more they will support him. 80%plus Republicans warmly support Trump and more than that are gleeful and disposed to be _more_ supportive because they love to hate liberals. Read Charles Sykes piece in the NYTimes today: he is part of the AM radio talk that has poisoned America but he understands this fact because he has also been party to the laughter, disdain, rejection, and despising all things progressive, Obama, etc —and everything we say or do.

The calls for impeachment, the facts of obstruction of justice, the constant barrage of buffoonery and indignity mean nothing. Nothing the FBI, the Senate and House Committees, or any other agency uncovers will matter or change their minds. These facts will only further their intransigence and confirm their support. They are irremediable, impenetrable, and beyond the reach of any argument, evidence, or appeal. We are a house utterly divided and to understand that is to begin to know what to do about it.

To them we deserve more than scorn: we are a source of bemusement. Leaving aside how their tender feelings are hurt by their deplorable behavior, that too is part of their disorder. Our resistance is a game of recruitment and sustainability for Republicans. Hating us and watching us complaint, rant, and reject conservatives with facts, arguments, and our own TV histrionics only reinforces them and gives them more to love about their pathetic lives. We resist, they applaud and laugh.

So what do we do about this? Nothing different from what we are already doing, especially in our support of the press. It’s now part of Republican DNA is to stand for nothing which means that hating the “other” as part of their own self-confirmation. You may respond that _your_ Republican friends and relatives are better than this. Perhaps to you. But the nature of this pathology is that it is not personal: it is directed to a “them.”

If you are expecting help from “decent” Republicans, I submit you underestimate their depth of depravity and collusion. McCain and Graham will roll rather than revolt. The latter would be admission of error: we’re on the wrong side. No, they believe in the core cause, which means to punish the poor, enrich the rich, and claim the patriot’s seat.
This is part of a psychological _need_ to justify delusions, disappointments, and failures, just as it is for the rest. Further, it is a way of claiming entitlement and asserting domination _over_ the other. They’re not interested in different opinions, only in self-approval.

Like their leader, for Republicans there are never any errors, mistakes, or apologies. Point out their racism or systemic bigotry and _we_ are playing identity politics. You see, nothing can be refuted with evidence. And our TV monitoring with all of its satisfying evidence and argument only reinforces their views.

Otherness as a pathology has no remedy: no education, no argument works. The solution —the ONLY solution— is to out vote them. And so send them back to their foxhole (aka Fox-hole). There is going to be no impeachment, no reckoning with truth. The ship may sink with us aboard before we get to the polls, but that is because half the country is singing along. In the meantime, recruit people to vote. The rest is noise.

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