The Storm is Here, the Winter of Our Discontent is Upon Us

Impeachment is Imminent and Its Conclusion is Foregone

Matters are moving closer by the day to Senate where we can expect no fair or serious assessment of the facts and as much to the Court, which Marbury vs. Madison made the final arbiter of the law. The law will be whatever the majority—Kavanaugh and crew—will do to repay their masters. What we know now as impeachment proceeds is that Republicans have made their choice.

Whether Trump is a conscious tool or merely a useful idiot, the matter is further reduced because a democracy cannot function in a world in which competing sides will not agree on the facts. And that is where we are. 
The Trump Cult in form of Republican senators and representatives could do something. Theirs is not a failure of epistemology. Some of them do know that he is not merely a deeply flawed man but a sickness. They persist because power means more to them than country. They _could_ do something better. But I feel certain that they won’t. And so rather than defend their country, they have chosen to become no less damaged and defective than the aggrieved and dangerous narcissist they will claim fit to remain president. We must be seriously concerned if the 2020 election will be fair and honest since they have also decided to become complicit in its subversion. What benefits them creates their only moral compass. 
So what do we do up against this kind of evil, and evil it is. How does one have a sane and serious argument with people who prefer conspiracy and delusion? It may seem quaint but we must decide for character, no matter how we dispute policy amongst ourselves. If character is to be destiny then we must demonstrate it everyday in our voices, in our actions, in our protests, and choices. While they debauch themselves we must take our cues from Elijah who claimed “we are better than that.” 
Any one of the Democratic candidates who will become the nominee are, in fact, better than this. Whether _we_ are or not, we must not forsake the future by acquiescing to the failures of the present. There must be an America that demands the ideals it has never realized and perhaps someday even to face the shadows it has never truly confronted. But that can only happen if we understand the choices others, particularly the Trump Cult, is making and try not to be naive about its potential or its determination.
We are in a fight for the country’s soul—even if it is afragmented, incoherent, and deeply unhealthy soul. But without that, without that feeling, that idea of soul, we got nuthin’, we got no recourse but to be like them. And that just won’t do. No. It won’t.

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